One White Orchid provides premium estate liquidation services to individuals and businesses in South Florida. We sell the entire contents of your estate for you at the best possible prices, from furniture, fittings, fine art, jewelry and antiques, to cars, clothes, collectibles and everything in between. We stage, merchandise and promote an estate sale on your property. Putting on an estate sale is one thing, but we specialize in creating events that inspire buyers to purchase. We charge a percentage of the the sale proceeds as a commission fee, so you know we always share your goal of maximizing return. 

Our services


Preparing for
a successful
estate sale.

Consulting with you first. We come to you, learn about your needs and show you how we can help. All your question answered. No consultation fee. No strings.

Accurately appraising your sale items. We value your items for sale based on strong market knowledge and solid research.

Obtaining speciality appraisals. We know you have high value items that are special and unique, so for those we obtain valuations from a licensed appraiser who specializes in that kind of item.

Planning your event strategically. We determine the most effective sale event schedule and approach to meet your goals, as well as how to create an event that will inspire buyers.

Multi-channel marketing.  We create a marketing plan for your sale event, and leverage our network of buyers, the most popular online estate sale marketplaces, social media, email marketing, advertising, printed collateral and signage to drive traffic to your sale.


Maximizing sales during your event.

Managing your estate sale. We diligently supervise and manage every detail of your event for it’s entire duration.

Staging your property. We transform your property into a retail space to optimize it for maximum sales revenue. Don’t worry, we transform it back again afterwards!

Enabling our customers. From wayfinding signage to product tags, attentive customer service, a professional check-out desk and different payment options, we make it as easy and compelling as possible for customers to find and make their purchases.

Staffing your estate sale. We assess the resource requirements for each day of the event schedule to properly control and supervise customer traffic, keep your property secure and give customers the attention they need. We then deploy as many members of our reliable, qualified and trustworthy team as required.

Visual merchandising your sale items. As you’d expect to see in a retail store, we professionally merchandise your sale items to maximize sales (two decades of big-brand retail experience comes in handy!).

Securing your property. We take every necessary security measure during the event to make sure your property is completely protected.


Emptying your property and squaring you away.

Organizing pick-ups and deliveries. We arrange to have large items transported for customers who can't move them on their own.

Reliable, accurate accounting. Every sale is tracked and accounted for. We run through the accounts with you right after the sale and get you squared away quickly. No ifs or buts.

Coordinating post-sale clearance and donations. We’re pretty good at emptying properties by selling everything in it, but if any items are left over we can organize to move them out for you or arrange donations to charity.

Transferring items to another location. If you prefer, we can arrange to move any remaining items to a new home or other location.

Selling your items on consignment. To give your items another shot at selling and increasing your revenue, we can list them for sale in The Consignment Store by One White Orchid.

Cleaning your property. At the end of the sale, we can organize cleaning services to leave your property spotless.


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