Barbara Heathe

Hi! I’m Barbara, founder of One White Orchid and long-time South Miami resident. A self-confessed estate sale addict, it was my passion for this business that inspired me to make a living of it! For many of us, estate sales are for fun, for some they are opportunities, and others they are simple necessity.  That’s what makes this colorful world of estate liquidation so deeply rewarding for me.

Before One White Orchid, I spent over 20 great years with Macy’s - the nations largest retailer! I was a buyer, a merchandiser and a financial planner across a whole range of product categories (perhaps you’re starting to see the buying and selling theme in my career now!). Please don’t be surprised if your home or office looks like a retail store when I’ve finished setting up your sale. There’s a reason why successful retailers do what they gets results.


Louis Payne

Hey, I’m Louis, One White Orchid’s marketing director here in Miami, and the ‘chap’ (I’m British) driving buyers to your sale and making sure they leave with arms full of merchandise. I use a lot of tools to achieve this for you and I’m always looking for new and creative ways to make your sale a success.

I spent over two decades marketing major consumer brands and products, both with reputable creative agencies and also on in-house marketing teams. Marketing to shoppers is in my DNA.


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